CES - Centre for Electricity Supply

The CES is established to contribute to the training of the next generation of power sector personnel, regulators and policy makers.  It will also help develop strategies and competences for sustainable generation, transmission, storage, distribution and use of electricity in Namibia.  Focus areas will include customer relations and occupational safety, modern and intelligent grids and policy and regulatory development.

CNS - Centre for Nuclear Science

The CNS is established to research on and promote radionuclides in constructive science and technology and will play an important role in analysing the nuclear fuel cycle for Namibia’s beneficiation and competence development thereof. The diverse applications of nuclear sciences ranging from medical, agricultural, industrial to energy technology will be studied.


COG - Centre for Oil and Gas

The CPOG is established to develop competences and capacities in the development of the nascent upstream petroleum and gas industry and support the fledgling downstream side in Namibia.  Some of the skills and competences required by the industry include: Reservoir engineering and well technology; Exploration data contouring, mapping and interpretation; and Pricing and competition and price risk management in the petroleum, oil and gas industry.


CREEE - Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

The CREEE is a continuation of the work done by the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Institute (REEEI) on RE technologies and their use, EE practices, policy and regulation development and climate change mitigation studies.