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To be a leading institute for energy research and development in Africa and beyond.



To contribute to Namibia’s industrialisation by linking energy research, technology, policy, and education to the needs of industry, and to national socio-economic development imperatives, initiatives and programmes.



Integrity :       honesty, truthfulness, and accuracy in our actions,

Competence: being adequately qualified, and possessing specific ranges of skill, knowledge, and ability.

Objectivity:     being true even outside of one's individual feelings, imaginings, or interpretations,
Consistency:   constancy in the harmony of conduct and practice with profession,
Sustainability: meeting the needs of the present without  compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs


Strategic Goals

1. Collaborate with industry, government, development partners and academic institutions in transformational research projects and educational outreach for new approaches to the world's energy opportunities.

2. Catalyse the transition to advanced sustainable energy exploration, generation, distribution and utilization, through coordinated research and development, capacity building and project management.

3. Provide a forum for constructive debate to facilitate innovation, development, deployment, and dissemination of energy technology knowledge and good practice.

4. Enhance public understanding of energy resources and technologies and their role in society, in order to address the barriers that hinder increased use and access to modern energy technologies.

Organisational Structure

NEI Organisational Structure organogram


CREEE:      Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

CES:            Centre for Electricity Supply

COG:        Centre for Oil and Gas

CNS:           Centre for Nuclear Science

Pool of research associates will be employed contractually or on a semi-permanent basis according to specific project needs, and availability of funding. These include high level researchers, consultants, and any other personnel whose skills are identified for the specific project. The associate researchers may be stationed at their places of permanent employment, or temporarily stationed at NEI for the full or part duration of the project. This includes staff that are seconded from their employers and funded from external sources, and any other project staff as needed.


Logical Framework


NEI Logical Framework